Thursday, September 2, 2004

Water Sports And Class Warfare

A little while ago, Diane and I were watching Crossfire during her lunch hour as we do every day. Sometimes I have to stick my fingers in my ears to protect them from her scathing invective (read: git down cussin') at what those jerk right-wingers spew, but today, it's my turn.

They showed a clip of John Kerry relaxing on his sailboard in the ocean off New England. He wasn't going fast and it looked like he was trying to keep from getting run over by a large vessel of some type that was very near him. Republican skipper, no doubt. Anyway, it was cool and I'm sure he was having fun. And then, over the clip, that scum-suckin', sheep-stealin', sleazebag, slimy-ass bald-headed chicken fucker Bob Novak says, I paraphrase: "Must be what rich East Coast guys do for fun."

That M*****f****r! Have you seen that rig H.W. and his idiot spawn tool around in on the water off Kennebunkport? If I had enough money for a big, fast cigarette like that one, I'd move to a different neighborhood and have matching Escalades! Rich East Coast guys? I like Begala and Carville, they were sitting right there, and neither of them called the BHCF on it. For this, I fault them.

It's a small thing, maybe, but it struck me in a larger context: I live in a resort community, and I see every kind of recreational and sporting gadget available, and the guys who have them aren't all rich. Everything costs money to do: sailboards, street and dirt bikes, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, skis and snowboards (Novak and others mentioned these in the "rich guy sport" category last winter, too. What a crock), fishing/skiing/party/bass boats and their motors, personal watercraft, fishing tackle, firearms, and, oh what the Hell, bowling balls and crochet hooks, too. Whatever lifts your skirt.

Point is, these things are affordable pastimes/ hobbies/ lifestyles for working people. They need something to look forward to after a hard week in the salt mine, or they'd go NUCKING FUTS! It's their money, they earned it, they can spend it any damn fool way they want to.

So for Novak to point out a relatively inexpensive middle-class pastime as being a province of rich people is simply another lame attempt to brand Kerry as one of the liberal elite and separate middle class voters from him. How can he do this when there's a way rich guy in the White House who looks at the rest of us like we're the help, who comes from an even more patrician background, the aw-shucks bullshit be damned, and another who has stolen millions from us who whispers in his ear (and probably Pets his Goat on the side)?

Wrong-headed, partisan, ideological, misdirection, that's why, and he knows he can get away with it. If a Liberal, or just a garden-variety Democrat, ever said something like that, the Right would be all over him for promoting class warfare. They're very, very good at this, as lying with a straight face is just a tactic. The end justifies any means, large or small, to keep this chimp on the throne. Be afraid, be very afraid. Nah, that's a mis-speak. Be ANGRY,be VERY, VERY ANGRY.

There's class warfare all right, and they started it, to divide and conquer. It's up to us not to fall for it. Tell your friends.

You're right, Fixer, this is great therapy, and cheap too!

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