Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Surfer Has Dubya Figured Out, Eh?

As we all know, the Chimp is going to visit Canada today and tomorrow. There's a surfer in Nova Scotia (Brrr!) who's got him figured. From the Halifax Herald:
Local surfer Lesley Choyce says he has some concerns about George W. Bush's sex life.

"My thoughts about the guy - that amount of belligerence, aggression and hostility - he must have something lacking in his life," the Lawrencetown resident said on Sunday.

"It seems like it could only possibly be two things: he's either not getting enough sex or he's not surfing.

"I can't help him with his sex life, but maybe if we got a surfboard in the guy's hands . . ."

"I already put out the public invitation that we'd give him a surf lesson too, out here in the cold North Atlantic."

Boy, that water up there's COLD. It's a real weenie-shrinker. I'd love to see the video of Condi blowing in Dubya's ass to get his little pecker to come back out.

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