Saturday, December 4, 2004

A couple things

Light blogging again today. Gotta go with the Mrs. to pick out a new microwave this morning, as well as the TVs. Thanks to the Mrs. crawling up Liberty Mutual's ass yesterday evening, they've given us authorization to replace most of the stuff. Still waiting for their deterimation on the computers.

And the guy's gonna be here between noon and 5 to look at the fridge and oven. So my day is shot before it begins. This post will probably be my contribution to the Blogosphere today. I did, however, post Chapter 3 of Empires over at creativity, for those who give a shit.

And on a technical note, I finally made the switch to Mozilla's Firefox browser yesterday, thanks to Melanie's advice. I'm still trying to figure it out (only used it for an hour or so), but I already like it better than Internet Explorer. I still gotta tweak a few things but I'm impressed.

Also, no Cattle Dog blogging today. One of the computers that went down was the one that held all my pics. Unfortunately, I didn't have any on a backup disk. Fortunately, the really important shit was. Hopefully, Princess Shayna will return next week at her regularly scheduled time.

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