Thursday, December 2, 2004

Jesus in business

I stole this whole thing from David at 42. I don't get this much, being I live and work in New York, but Mrs. F gets this a lot. Her business takes her to red states on a regular basis.

John by the bayou writes about fa-reeky Christian junk mail, which reminded me of something that happened last year at work: I was investigating a particular type of industrial equipment; wanting to know more about it I arranged to visit a local manufacturer of said equipment. I met the CEO and a few flunkies and we visited a factory that was using their equipment. They seemed like OK people til we went to lunch. When the food came the CEO looked at me and said “would you like to join us in saying grace?” or something like that. “Um, no thanks, I’ll just wait til you’re all done” which I did without any smirking or smart-assed remarks so shaddap. Damned if those guys didn’t prattle on and on thanking God and Jesus for this bountiful feast… come on, it’s just Olive Garden.

As I was leaving the CEO said “…blah blah blah, thanks for coming, and BE BLESSED!” “Uh… yeah, thanks for your time, I’ll be in touch.” And that was pretty much that because the budget was cut and we decided not to buy that equipment, and I was reassigned to my current project early this year so I forgot about it, until about two months ago. One of the guys from that project forwarded an email from Mr Godly CEO claiming I’d been really impressed with their stuff and that I had done some sort of technical review and “approved” their equipment. Natch it ended with “BE BLESSED!” Sptoo!

I wrote and re-wrote a reply probably a dozen times before settling on something like “…Mr Godly CEO is indulging in wishful thinking as I never approved anything and never stated an opinion of the product, but as I’m not part of this team anymore, my only recommendation would be to use your best judgement in dealing with him.”

In other words, Mr Godly CEO lied to my colleague in hopes of making a sale.

Free hint, Christian business people: leave Jesus at home. Anyone who flaps their religion in my face is not going to make a sale to my employer if I have anything to say about it. It’s Generally-Recognized Good Business Sense® to leave religion and politics out it which is something everyone ought to know, but I’m repeating it just in case your brain was checked at the door of the church and you forgot to pick it up on your way out.

Changing the subject, the cat is attacking his tail. He’ll sit there staring at it and just barely twitch the tip of it, then he pounces. Funniest goddam thing I’ve seen all year.

What’s on: Be Wild, M83, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts

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