Wednesday, December 1, 2004

First It Was Tinky Winky...

I read a lot of stuff every day in my never-ending quest to bring you the latest and most newsworthy items as you're a discriminating, intelligent bunch. Sometimes I find things that are so ludicrous that I simply can't pass them up. From Media Watch:
Want to see what the Religious Right has done with its new found power in being the organization solely responsible for giving Our Glorious Leader his mandate?

They have taken on the task of protecting our children from the rampant homosexuality found in the movie "Shark Tale," which was released recently from the pro-gay team at Dreamworks.**

The American Family Association has just sent out a newsletter with the bold headline: SOMETHING'S SWISHY ABOUT SHARK TALE.


The main character, Lenny, has all the "mannerisms and voice" that tend "toward the effeminate." Get where they learned of Lenny's mannerisms?

Lenny's mannerisms and voice tend toward the effeminate, notes a review by Scott Tobias in The Onion A.V. Club, but that's not the worst of it. For in sharkdom, masculinity is measured by one's proficiency as a meat-eater.

That's right--"The Onion," that stalwart of professional journalism.

But there is more. Later in the article, the AFA asks the question: Cross Dressing Shark?

I left that last line in for a tease. Go read the newsletter. Don't be drinking anything, it'll likely exit your nostrils.

Don't these "Christians" have any better things to do? Aren't there any hungry, homeless, sick or shut-in folks that they could use all this energy to go help? Or would their agenda simply be to attack the "moral values" of that bastion of Liberalism, the animated movie? I hope they never see any anime. It'd blow their feeble little minds.

Personally, I hope these Right-wing Retards keep this shit up. It makes them, their "moral values", and, by inference, that fool they helped elect, look ridiculous. Besides, it's entertaining.

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