Friday, August 5, 2005

Another Dead Journalist in Iraq

Steven Vincent, a freelance journalist from New York, has become one of more than two dozen journalists killed in Iraq this year. Possibly targeted for his articles, Steven has been published in the Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times and the National Review.

His reports on corruption in Basra quite possibly made him a very big target:

"Then there was the highly-placed official in the Electrical Transmission Directorate who admitted to us that the government pays the notorious Garamsha tribe to protect high-voltage power lines from--well, the Garamsha themselves. A businesswoman complained that if you're not affiliated with a religious party, your low bid--even for projects involving international NGOs--will have difficulty finding acceptance. The owner of a cargo-hauling company described the port of Um Qasr as a veritable On the Waterfront-like scene of smuggling, theft and looting--which, when accused of complicity in the crimes, the former port manager blamed on--who else?--corrupt Americans."

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