Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Cows Pass Cars as Polluters

From the LATimes:

Got smog?

California's San Joaquin Valley for some time has had the dirtiest air in the country. Monday, officials said gases from ruminating dairy cows, not exhaust from cars, are the region's biggest single source of a chief smog-forming pollutant.
The entire exercise of estimating cow emissions has been lampooned on talk radio as "fart science" run amok - although most gas actually comes from the front end of the cow.

"I'd like to challenge the people that came up with this information to enclose yourself in a shop with a cow, and at the same time have someone enclose themselves in a similar shop with a car or truck running," one critic, Steve Hofman of Ripon, Calif., wrote to the Modesto Bee. "Then let me know the results."

Boy, that'd be a day at the beach, huh?

When we drive down south, we pass lots of dairies and a huge feedlot that's right next to I-5. I actually kinda like the smell, mostly because it's temporary at 70mph. It'll actually wake my dogs up. They love it.

Make up your own jokes about installing catalytic converters and annual smog checks.

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