Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Via His Highness:

July 25 (Bloomberg) -- President George W. Bush may consider bypassing the Senate by appointing John Bolton as United Nations ambassador on a temporary basis if Democrats continue to hold up a vote on his nomination, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan suggested.

"If the Senate fails to act and move forward on those nominees, sometimes there comes a point where the president has needed to fill" a vacancy "in a timely manner," McClellan said today at his regular briefing.

[. . .]

As opposed to:

[. . .]

Bolton isn't the first UN ambassador nominee to be stalled by partisan bickering. Richard Holbrooke, who was nominated to the post by President Bill Clinton in 1998, was held up for 14 months before winning confirmation in August 1999.

At one point during the long stalemate, White House officials raised the prospect of a recess appointment with Holbrooke, according to two people who were involved in the matter. Holbrooke refused, saying it would diminish his credibility at UN. [my emphases]

The difference between real men and wannabe losers.

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