Monday, August 1, 2005

More 'moral values'

A Denton County constable drove to a Colorado restaurant on Thursday and called a woman he met through the Internet to let her know he had arrived, according to court papers.

Instead of Marsha showing up with her 8-year-old daughter for a sexual encounter, he met her colleagues - Canon City, Colo., police officers.

Larry Dale Floyd, a 62-year-old constable from The Colony, was arrested on suspicion of soliciting to have sex with a child and was charged with seven related crimes, Canon City police said. []

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While all I can think about is 'interrogating' this guy for a couple weeks in my own inimitable style, the Sister has a more level headed analysis:

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What the hell is it with these people? And exactly how much of this crap am I going to have to read while simultaneously being lectured by the GOP about how they're the party of moral values? Get real, you bullshit artists. Your party is full of men who use your cloak of alleged virtue to hide their depraved proclivities, and until you can purge your ranks of this inordinate number of elected perverts and quit peddling your godliness under the guise of hatred, I don't want to hear anything more about how you're so superior to the rest of us mere mortals, whose greatest transgression is simply not worshipping your hypocrite king.

The same reason these guys flocked to the priesthood is the same reason they flock to the Republican Party. They can hide and do their dirty work. I'm sorry, but pedophiles deserve a bullet, period. With a recidivism rate of close to 90%, there is no rehabilitation for these clowns.

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