Monday, August 1, 2005

Double standards

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Dov Hikind, state assemblyman of Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish Community: "You look at London. You look at Madrid. You look at every single case of the individuals who were involved. You know, they look basically like this."

Dov Hikind is referring to the printout of the FBI's most wanted list and how the photo should not be ignored as one of the guides in the NYPD bag search policies.

Dov Hikind: "This is what they look like. Now...they surely look like they come from the Middle Eastern country."

The assemblyman from Brooklyn strongly feels police should be able to stop anyone they want even if the individual fits into one particular group. [Link]

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I wonder what he'd say if the people they're looking for were Jewish? If the NYPD jacked up every Hasid or anybody wearing a yarmulke. I'd be willing to bet we'd hear the shouts of 'anti-Semitism' from every corner of the city. Didja notice one of the London bombers was black, you idiot? Are ya gonna jack up every brother in New York too? For folks who say 'never forget' some of 'em certainly have.

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