Monday, August 1, 2005

Have a Blast This Summer

Actually, it's all over for this year, but I know you'll want to bookmark it for next year. The University of Missouri at Rolla offers Summer Explosives Camp.

Ever wonder how dynamite works? What about fireworks? At the 2005 Summer Explosives Camp, you will not only learn how these things work, you will actually be able to get hands on experience! You will learn:

1. How to prime and shoot dynamite.
2. Safety precautions when handling explosives.
3. Where explosives are used.
4. The curriculum and department of Mining Engineering at UMR.
5. What careers are available that are explosive related.
6. How underground blasts work.
7. How explosives are used in industry.
8. How to set up and shoot off a fireworks display.
9. And much more!

Fixer could probably get a gig teaching the graduate course: "Alcohol, Dynamite, and Fun in the Sun"!

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