Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Border blues...

I took the pup next door to introduce Tami to my neighbor dogs. They got along really swell.

My neighbor, Bill, told me that while I was gone there was a "Thousand Mexican March" here locally. He said they flipped him off for bein' an Anglo, and held up signs saying "Without US, you are nothing".

His idea for a counter-sign was to put periods after the 'U' and 'S'.

I went a little further: "Without the U.S., who & where the fuck d'ya think you'd be?" I'm not politically correct at the best of times, let alone at less than the best.

I think there's a lot of confusion over the difference between 'legal' and illegal'. Sure, there are racists who don't want anybody but whites to come here, but that ain't the way it's gonna be. Get over it.

I think when legal immigrants take the side of the illegal immigrants, perhaps out of pride in their heritage, or maybe fear, then we have a problem that goes beyond the difficulty of immigrating legally. It may be that Mexican culture exists pretty much unchanged on both sides of the border and ours doesn't. They feel this is their home.

It's nobody's right to be here unless they were born here. Others have to work for it by jumping through a bunch of hoops. Hey, if it was easy, what good would it be? What to do with family members who are here illegally is a huge part of the problem, seems to me. Blood is thicker than the Rio Grande.

The Koreans jumped on the bandwagon right along with the Latinos. I had no idea there were enough illegal Koreans that it would be an issue. Maybe they just need employees.

When one of ya figures out what to do, lemme know, willya?

By the way, if ya wanta know why 500,000 people showed up in L.A. on a rainy day when they only expected 20,000, read this.

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