Saturday, April 1, 2006

A good Saturday morning rant

...from BuzzFlash:

Dick Cheney loves to go on the Sunday talk shows and grumble about how Democrats are blind to the hard realities of the "post 9/11 world." Dare to question The World According to Cheney, and you're branded a traitor, an enemy and - worst of all, you get slapped with the mother of all zingers: "you're stuck in pre-9/11 reality." Just what we need: lectures on reality from the criminally insane.

The impact of 9/11, profound as it may be, is dwarfed by the impact of the Bush-Cheney regime. If anything has altered reality, it is the ascendancy of these sickos to the highest positions of human power in our universe. Every aspect of geopolitical reality has been transformed by this mad cabal in a mere five horrific years. The world is indeed a different place since 9/11, due not to straw dog villains like Osama but to methodical perpetrators of raw all-encompassing evil like the Bush-Cheney gang. They have delivered to the earth and its dwellers a regime of toxicity and death. They have turned the clock back and resuscitated old and nearly-conquered demons and threats to our collective well-being and our very survival. They have breathed new life and vitality into the most dread scourges of our planet: disease, overpopulation, nuclear proliferation, environmental holocaust, torture, war crimes, genocide.

A quick, enjoyable read.

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