Saturday, April 1, 2006

Navel gazing

I'm not prone to write about blogging. It is what it is for each individually. Some want to make a living at it, others just to vent. We all do it for different reasons. Me? Hopefully to lend a little of my experience to the whole in order to move this nation, and in turn the world, onto a better path in order to assure a bright future for our progeny. It's good anger management too. After blogging regularly for almost 2 years now, I've been looking back to see how far we've come toward that goal. I ask this question now to get a feel for what we think of ourselves.

Were there no such thing as blogging and the 'alternative media' of the Internets, do you think the Chimp/Repukes/Neocons would have gotten away with their master plan? In other words, do you think the 'MSM' has been so corrupted, co-opted, and compromised that without us lookng over their shoulders the Chimp would not have 37% approval ratings and the public would still believe the lies told to get us into Iraq?

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