Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The Angry Old Broad is back to regular blogging and that's a very good thing:


So what we have seen take over instead is a lack of social responsibility,a tendency to nurture greed,hate,fear,destructive forms of competition,humiliation,(all of which are now even a part of our entertainment via "reality TV"), sexism, racism, compassionless religion, lying,cheating, and stealing. It's ok,as long as you don't get caught, and even then,if you're on the "right" side,you can get away with it AND be rewarded for it. So much for citizenship, civics, and a sense of community.

This is NOT Patriotic. In fact, it's downright UN American, if we're to believe our own mythology. Being the biggest bully and most selfish doesn't make you the Best, and it certainly does not make you Good. Whatever happened to the satisfaction that comes from operating with integrity? From doing a good job through hard work and being as fair as possible? [my em]


Right on, sister.

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