Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Donna Edwards = Maryland's Ned Lamont


Under the media radar, a huge struggle is going on on Maryland's 4th Congressional District where progressive activist Donna Edwards is challenging the machine of pro-war Bush Democrat Al Wynn.

It is brutal, as the campaign moves to the September 12th primary. Recently an Edwards campaign volunteer was beat up and two Wynn campaign workers were detained. (Check out VIDEO of the attack aftermath to the right.)

The guy they beat up is a rather large brother. They musta blindsided him.

Matt Stoller writes at MyDD:

"During the debate, Edwards just crushed Wynn on his votes for the war, the energy bill, the bankruptcy bill, etc. Wynn is clearly a terrible Congressman, one of the biggest villains on net neutrality. What the debate proved is that he's also a terrible politician who has maintained his seat in Congress through a mixture of fear, machine politics, and voter apathy."

This race, like the Lamont effort against Lieberman represents the heart and soul of the struggle to fight back against the right wing fear machine.

This might be one to keep an eye on.

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