Saturday, September 2, 2006

Quote of the Day



But for people like Jonah and David Warren, that is accomplished by urging fights where they have nothing at risk. This is not a "chickenhawk" argument. It is far beyond that. So much of our public dialogue is dominated by people -- exactly like David Warren -- desperate to bask in the reflected glory* of epic warriors without ever risking anything and to feel powerful and strong and resolute and "full-chested" while sitting at home, protected and safe but still scared of everything. They are people who have an endless need to parade themselves around as courageous nobles without ever doing anything noble or courageous. [my em]


*And an observation. There is no glory in war, only blood, gore, suffering, grief, and death. The 'glory of war' is something for those who were lucky enough not to have to fight it or try to stay alive though it.

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