Thursday, August 31, 2006

How will Dems use the power they're going to have after November?

Geov Parrish

Booting Republicans out of power in one or both houses of Congress this fall is a worthy goal, if for no other reason than the purpose of accountability. No political party that has done so much to damage the people of our country (and the world) in so many different ways in such a short period of time should be allowed to go unpunished. Let alone to remain in power; the failure of Democrats to win congressional power would mean, almost by definition, that Republicans would still have unimpeded control of Washington, since for the last six years in that situation, the "opposition" party has been anything but. And with the clock ticking on the criminal looting spree that has been six years of the Bush administration, goodness knows how much more damage they could do with two additional years of zero accountability.

But there is no guarantee that a Democratic victory can bring accountability. The imperative of trying to wrest a Democratic win in November, broadly agreed upon by progressives, isn't enough. Progressives also need to be paying attention in the next nine weeks to improving the odds that giving Democrats a taste of Capitol Hill power will, in fact, make anything better.

Let us count a few of the many, many ways in which this is not a given:

He then goes on to count a few of the many, many ways in which this is not a given. Go read.

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