Monday, March 5, 2007

Dear Ann Coulter,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the great TRex:


But I really feel like we owe her a big thank-you. With one ill-considered fag joke, she has completely obviated the need for any further debate about the "Lack of Civility on the Left". The next time someone on either side gets all up in your grille for being a bomb-throwing liberal with no manners, just point at that bleach-blonde pile of sticks in the crusty black cocktail dress and say, "When she turns civil, I will. Until then, the goddamn gloves are off. You got a problem with the level of discourse, take it up with her. Now go away, kid, you're fuckin' bothering me."


Just pointing out the hypocrisy. I've done my share of explaining my language, and that of the staff, here. When I'm pissed, I swear. There's a difference between being angry at the system and using derogatory language to put down one group or the other. A difference the racist, hate-filled conservatives don't, or refuse to, get.

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