Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spin the Turd

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You ain't gonna believe this one! From The Pueblo Chieftain. Heck of a name for a newspaper, huh?

Colorado Springs, in response to Fountain Creek pollution lawsuits, admits it "may have" discharged untreated sewage, fecal coli bacteria and other dangerous substances from its sewage system.

The city admits that untreated sewage may cause illnesses, but "denies that a person would always or necessarily suffer imminent and substantial endangerment to their health upon contact with untreated sewage."

The lawsuits allege the city has violated the federal Clean Water Act because its sewage system has for several years repeatedly spilled raw sewage, excessive chlorine and nonpotable water into the creek.

Colorado Springs' filing says it "admits that the releases . . . may have contained untreated sewage, wastewater, nonpotable water, sludge, municipal waste, biological materials, storm water, fecal coli form bacteria and e.coli bacteria."

But it denies it is violating the act "and denies liability . . . as to any alleged past violation" of the act.

They're about one step away from claiming raw sewage is good for you!

I've used the phrase "he's drinking his bath water again" to explain stupid or irrational behavior. In Colorado Springs it appears they actually are.

Note to Ted Haggard and the U.S. Air Fundies Force Academy: Here's your excuse - eat shit and be a phony christian!

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