Monday, March 5, 2007

"He's a lyin' skunk..."

Go read this exchange between Don Imus, who, whatever you think about him, is a Marine, and Holy Joe at Crooks and Liars:

LIEBERMAN: "Your questions about General Kiley are very good questions, and I'm going to ask him. Because this, after all, is the guy that was in charge for a couple years."

IMUS: "Well, he's a lying skunk. He ought to be forced to resign today, Senator."

LIEBERMAN: "Of course, I don't have that exact authority."(LAUGHTER)

"But I will tell you that - I'm on the Armed Services Committee. The Armed Services Committee oversees the medical hospitals. And a group of us on the committee are going out there this afternoon. And I am going to ask some of the tough questions that you and a lot of others…"

IMUS: "See if they'll let you, Senator Joe Lieberman, walk around without being escorted by four or five of these generals who've known about this for years."

Yeah, those careerist bastards will make sure you get the spin the Army wants you to have:

"But, Senator, they're just little rats...and penicillin comes from mold...and these guys are such good soldiers they'd much rather be here than at home..."

There's so much shit hittin' the fan over this that I'm covered in plastic like at a Gallagher show. Good. It goes a Hell of a lot deeper than Bldg. 18.

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