Friday, March 9, 2007

Expose the hypocrisy

Brother Lurch is home from his East Coast Tour '06 and takes a look at what a politician's faith says about the way he will govern:


Requiring a politician to state specifically what religious tenets (s)he adheres to could provide oodles of fun. Can you imagine those creatures who have built a career pandering to the bible-thumping literalists trying to explain just why they believe in Jesus the carpenter as their personal savior yet refuse to live and legislate by that man’s teachings? I’m pretty sure the carpenter would disapprove of Mr Giuliani’s multiple marriages and serial adulteries. Ditto for Newt Gingrich, who also has a strange method of divorce negotiation that would probably find disapproval with Jesus. It’s quite likely he’d have something to say about Mr Bu$h’s faith-based government policies, since I think I remember something about rendering unto Caesar as separate from rendering unto G_d. And I’ll bet the Iraq thing would be frowned upon. There’s something about glass houses, stones, and first without sin, to mix citations. [em in orig]


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