Thursday, March 8, 2007

Let her talk, but ignore her.

Following up on Gordon's "God Bless Ann Coulter" post. I agree with the Live Journal post that he cites in that I'm absoultely convinced that the answer to dealing with Coulter and Malkin and the other shock jocks of the rabid right is to simply let them talk and ignore them. Don't talk about how horrible they are, don't make fun of them, don't mention their names. Simply let them rant. They are all so enamored of the sound of their own voices and of the attention that they recieive, no matter how negative, that they will keep turning up the volume and the level of absurdity in their pronouncements until they self destruct. So let the be the last past pointing to their follies and let's start ignoring them. Starting now.*


*I know it will take a lot of will power, they are such easy targets, but let's at least try.

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