Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Pauly Jim (I still can't get used to that) informs us about the Catch-22 that's keeping us from "winning" in Iraq:

... But if they want to be able to walk away from Iraq with a win, even a worthless one, then bringing back the draft really is the only option left ...

Indeed, my friend. Pauly riffs off the same article I did last night, noting that if the Army is Dixie-fried (where I made the point we couldn't possibly invade Iran) we can't possibly achieve anything close to "winning" in Iraq.

A draft would be the only way we could raise the manpower needed to accomplish a complete occupation (pacification) of Iraq to the point where insurgent attacks (never be able to stop them completely) are reduced to a minor nuisance (realistically, we need 250,000 to 500,000 troops on the ground).

Thing is, the minute Congress passes the legislation, there will be a social upheaval equivalent to the peace movement of the '60s. That's what got people into the streets then and will certainly do it now; now that the majority of folks realize this war is a sham and a waste.

There will be no draft (and they say Social Security is the 'third rail of politics') and we will lose the war in Iraq. Faster if we manage to open a third front in "The War on Terra".

Since we're done in Iraq anyway (it's just a matter of time), it's also time we consider the way we're gonna leave. The Political Cat takes a look at this and the post got me thinking about it.


Then it's down through Basra province and into Kuwait and home free, right? Not quite, apparently. You see, the British are urging an immediate withdrawal from Basrah. And with good reason, apparently.


The Brits are watching our backs and they'll be gone soon. Most of our supplies come over land from Kuwait (through British-controlled territory). Were I an insurgent, those supply convoys would be my prime target. An army can have all the guns it wants, if it can't resupply, it can't fight.

Why do you think I always say, 'amateurs talk strategy and tactics, experts talk logistics'? My feeling is, our departure from Iraq will resemble this ...

Pic courtesy of IraqScam.

... more than anything else.

Do yourselves a favor and read Brother Lurch's post on the situation in southern Iraq. The Brits pulling out affects a lot more than our supply lines:


If the CIA is abandoning a prime listening post, we’re about to see some momentous changes. Having to spread our already over-stretched forces even farther will be a terrific problem. For one thing it could spell death to the 15 month tours as I speculated here.


As I said above, Iraq is done. The only question remaining is how we put it to bed. Anybody who talks about "winning" should be ridiculed, mocked, and spanked publicly. The only thought we should have is how we're getting out with the least carnage possible.

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