Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's not the investigations ...

It's that nothing comes from them.

The paid punditry of the TV and dead trees wankosphere have decided that Dem voters are pissed at Congress because they've done so much investigating of the Bush administration since January. Wrong-o, butt breath.

We're pissed because, after 8 months of investigation, the Chimp and his people still refuse to recognize subpoenas and are still thumbing their noses as Congress. We're pissed because, after all the investigation (they must realize something stinks at 1600), they cave so readily on one of the Chimp's pet projects:


I realize David Broder and his pals like to reframe Congress' low popularity as a response to all those investigations that allegedly prevent Congress from "getting anything done", but the fact is that polls have been clear for well over a year that the public wants Democrats to counteract the administration, to rein-in the excesses and uproot the corruption the Republicans allowed to run riot. Exit polls in November suggested that this was as important to Americans as getting us out of Iraq. In fact, Americans - particularly Democrats and Independents (but more than a few Republicans) - are furious at Congress for getting too many things done: the wrong things. Things like expanding FISA. So why do they keep doing it some more?


We sent them there to put an end to this war and to stop the Chimp and his henchmen from using the Constitution as a roll of asswipes. So far, neither has come to pass.

That's why we're pissed off, you idiots.




How is it, after all these years with this colon wrangler in office, that not one—not one!—reporter didn’t jump up in his chair and shout "Shut the fuck up, you sack of beaver shit! Shut the fuck up before our country kills itself just to get away from your inane, pathetic blatherings. Shut. the. fuck. up!" Who cares what happens next? That moment would shine like ten thousand stars doing the Hustle.


But our media is as pathetic as our Congress.

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