Monday, August 20, 2007

It's growing ...


Tearful reunion in the USA
Day by day, those memories fade away
Some babies grow in a peculiar way
It changed, it grew, and everybody knew
Whos this kinky so-and-so?


~ Haitian Divorce - Steely Dan

More saber-rattling on the Iranian front:

BAGHDAD - For the first time, the U.S. military said on Sunday that Iranian soldiers are in Iraq training insurgents to attack American forces.

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, a top U.S. commander who is in charge of a large swath of Iraq south of Baghdad, believes there are about 50 members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps in his battlefield area, military spokeswoman Maj. Alayne Conway said.


Oh wow! Iranians in Iraq! Of course, being the U.S. military, they must have found proof, right?


Conway said that U.S.-led forces have not caught any of the Iranians, but she said military intelligence and recently discovered caches of weapons with Iranian markings on them indicate that the Iranians are there. [my em]


Just like, "we haven't found any WMDs in Iraq, but we know they're there".

Listen to me. There has been, to date, no (zero, nix, nyet, nada) evidence of Iranian military involvement in Iraq. The 'evidence' they've presented us with so far is weaker than the line of crap they fed us about Iraq. All this bleating and babbling about Iran is just that, bullshit.

As for weapons with Iranian markings, kill a couple insurgents and take a look at their AK-47s. You'll see Chinese pictograms on them (under the Soviets' license to manufacture them). Are we gonna bomb the Chinese? The Middle East is a weapons supermarket.

Are there Iranian operatives working in Iraq? I'd be surprised if there weren't, but that in no way justifies attacking a sovereign nation. If another nation, Russia say, occupied Mexico, you can bet we'd be keeping an eye on them too, sending people over the border to fuck with 'em in little ways. Look at what we did in Afghanistan in the early '80s and that's half a world away.

It's time to worry about getting out of Iraq, not thinking up more bullshit to get us involved in Iran. Unfortunately, the war drums will beat louder and the bullshit will get deeper as autumn arrives and Congress returns to their spawning grounds Washington. Hopefully, the Dems won't fall for it the same way they did before Iraq.

Tip o' the Brain to Dr. Attaturk.

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