Thursday, August 23, 2007

If Democrats Want to Lose...

Robert Parry follows up on our previous two posts:

Today, the U.S. capital is in the midst of a bizarre replay of 2002 when Democrats tried to assuage Bush by acceding to his demands and major mainstream news outlets joined with the powerful right-wing media in a lock-step march toward war.

So, if Bush arranges for Maliki’s removal – either with a violent Diem-like coup as happened in Vietnam or by arranging a comfy exile for Maliki – Levin effectively has bought into another year or so of war funding to give a new Iraqi government a chance to succeed.

In 1967, Michigan’s Republican Gov. George Romney (yes, Mitt Romney’s father) famously described how he had returned from a military-arranged tour from Vietnam in 1965 having undergone “the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get.”

Now, the Democrats are getting the same treatment, focusing on Anbar and other silver linings in the very dark cloud of Iraq.

To me, that's just like "Ooh, look! There's corn in that turd! Things are really lookin' up! Let's eat!"

If national Democrats think that their feckless behavior on war in the Middle East and their timidity in defending the Constitution represent the pathway to victory in 2008, they may find themselves in for a very rude awakening.

We're not going to vote for any Repuglicants, perish the thought, but we may vote for some different Democrats. A lot of folks might vote for Greens or Whigs or Martians or whatever, and hand this country right back to the fascist warmongers, too.

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