Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?"

I like to think I know a little about Alt Country music. I'm right! Very little. I never heard of singer-songwriter Tom Russell until I saw him last night on Letterman. Now I'm a fan. He came on right after Christiane Amanpour, whom I lust adore, and sang this song (video), lyrics courtesy of the Houston Chron:

I've got 800 miles of open border - right outside my door. There's minute men in little pick up trucks who've declared their own damn war. Now the government wants to build a barrier like old Berlin 8 feet tall - But if Uncle Sam sends the illegals home who's gonna build the wall?

Who's gonna build your wall boys? Who's gonna mow your lawn? Who's gonna cook your mexican food when your mexican maid is gone? Who's gonna wax the floors tonight down at the local mall?
Who's gonna wash your baby's face? Who's gonna build your wall?

I did a little research on Russell's latest CD. It helped that Letterman held it up so I could see what the cover looks like. I checked the playlist on "Wounded Heart Of America" and ordered it. For a guy I never heard of before, an awful lot of people whom I have heard of have sung his songs.

Check it out.

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