Friday, May 9, 2008

Adding insult to injury: Bush says starving India eats too much

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The global policeman Bush, in the time-honoured traditions of the backyard bully, has long harboured the habit of dictating to nations who their friends and enemies should be. Now, he has taken to telling nations how much they should eat, and of wagging a disapproving finger at poor nations whose middle class has made some improvements in its diet.

What. An. Asshole.

As Bush's poor handling of our country's economy makes food scarcer and more expensive, we won't be eating as much either. Obesity may become less of a health problem. Starvation is much cheaper for Repugs than a functioning non-profit health care system, not to mention they won't have to spend as much on education for poor kids who can't learn anything in school with empty bellies anyway. That's right in line with Repug policy of creating an ignorant minimum-wage third-world-like domestic work force to minimize overhead and increase profit to the global masters.

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