Thursday, May 8, 2008

"There once was a ne'er-do-well souse..."

Go read this at Raw Story.

Cusack slams corporate media, talks up new movie 'War, Inc.' in wide-ranging interview

They've got a limerick contest goin' on, and you can win attendance at either a NYC or LA screening and meet Cusack and Rachel Maddow, be still my heart! I wrote three of them, although they didn't appear right away if they will at all, and all I could remember was the first line of one that is the title of this post.

Get hot, you limerickeers. Make us proud.


My comment came up, and with the touch of a finger I 'remembered' my limericks, lucky you!

There once was a ne'er-do-well souse,
Though self-thought a hero, a louse,
Neoconned up a boil
Of war, profit, and oil,
A war criminal in the White House.

In order to show up his Dad,
He started a war, foul lad.
"Some may find it heresy
but I must have a legacy -
Oil and profit is there to be had."

On the criminal war in Iraq,
Once started, it's hard to turn back.
On this Bush is counting
Though disaster is mounting,
And the troops have their ass in a crack.

I coulda come up with lots more of 'em, but I had to go to the bathroom and get more coffee so I could keep going to the...

Re-Up (shudder) Date:

Never being one to leave well enough alone, I did 'em another. Surprisingly, their comment moderator let it pass:

For president we got a dry drunk,
A coward, a sniv'ler, a punk.
With five minutes alone
I'd make him atone,
He'd heal for a week in his bunk.

It's almost too easy.

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