Friday, May 9, 2008

Sinkhole de Mayo

Click to make it waller up

Man, that's some nasty lookin' mayo...


A huge and ravenous sinkhole that threatened to swallow this little East Texas oil town gobbled more crumbling earth Thursday but spared, at least for now, homes, the high school and the main road, Farm to Market 770.

“It’s unreal — the earth just wallered up,” said Lynn Wells, the mayor and fire chief, who monitored emergency efforts, speeding back and forth on his red Harley-Davidson.

I've been listening to the TV newspeople tryin' ta figger out what 'wallered up' means. Yeesh. Din't them high dollar talkin' heads learn nuthin' in them fancy colleges? I'll try and clear this up for them city slickers.

A 'wallow' is a mudhole for hogs or other stock to hang out and relax in. By goin' from reg'lar ol' ground to a big hole, it 'wallered up' in the local vernacular. Think of K Street as a 'waller' for Repugs to hang out in and ya got it. Simple.

Note to Mayor Wells: If ya try to ride yer 'sickle from one side of that hole to the other via the most direct route, be sure there's a camera trained on ya. Ya might turn the thing inta a real 'hawg waller' and I'd hate ta miss it!

That this happened in Texas is frosting on the cake. It's a perfect metaphor for what Bush has turned our country into.

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