Friday, May 9, 2008

CA-04 Update

It's sneakin' up on election day again out here in Kahl-ee-for-nya. Here's Charlie Brown's new TV ad that just started airing this week:

More stuff at Charlie Brown for Congress.

Since John Doolittle is "retiring" (Repug-speak for 'got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and may end up in jail') from his House seat, we have a run-off primary for two carpetbaggers who have come in from out of district.

Kos on Tom McClintock:

T-Mac's name may be familiar to many of you: he has run failed campaigns for U.S. Representative (1992), State Controller (1994 and 2002), Governor of California (2003), and Lieutenant Governor (2006).

Quite a laundry list of failure.

Still, the man is determined. Enough so that he's willing to travel 400 miles from his home in the L.A. area to run for this open seat.

Mind, he can't actually move out there. That would necessitate abandoning his State Senate seat, as he actually has to be a resident of his Senate district according to California law.

Also at Kos, from one of our esteemed readers, American River Canyon, on Doug Ose:

This isn't all of it but I have to stop somewhere. I am wondering just how much oblivion "Beau" Ose thinks CA- 04 voters exist in, to believe that someone who so richly supported the last un indicted Abramoff money benefactor during the time said un indictee was trying to hide his ongoing DOJ investigation from the media and public, is actually going to Washington to help "clean up." Then he's implying they all need another tax break.

Let me suggest the new Beauregard Ose Campaign Motto:
"John Doolittle deserves a tax break just like normal, law abiding citizens. Help send me to DC to DeNy he Did Anything Wrong and Make Sure He Gets One."

ARC's on the CA-04 race like white on rice here.

The smart money's on Ose. He's got the most money, moved to the district, and is the 'moderate' Repug. The wingnuts call him a Liberal. Heh.

You can keep up with this exciting stuff at PolitickerCA-04. Like Charlie's doing:

Please click quietly so's not to wake my next congressman.

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