Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why No HageeGate? Timmeh Explains

CJR expands on our earlier post:

RUSSERT: He sure did. There’s been a lot of chatter on that, you know, about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson’s comments after September 11th. If there was video of Hagee, it makes all the difference in the world….

If only there were video of Hagee. Then the Russerts of the world, Russert seems to imply, might have paid a bit more attention to him. Readily-available visual clips, you see, would have made “all the difference in the world.”

Clips like… this one? There for the taking since January on YouTube (a fact that Frank Rich led with in the column that Imus and Russert were discussing— complete with instructions for the uninitiated on exactly how to summon a Hagee clip on the YouTubes)?

Translation: Of course I, Tim Russert, helped to nudge the Wright story into the mainstream with one of my signature timely, hard-driving debate questions but, in fairness, what really “broke it out” was “that video that got on the reel and it kept playing over and over and over again” (How did that video get on that reel and manage to play itself repeatedly? On my show, even?). Meanwhile, McCain has “been given this grace period” by…well, by me and my peers.

The timely, hard-driving Russert has his orders, written on his paycheck: Ignore the evil that McCain's supporters do because we want him for our next Bush. Hate-filled, garbage-spewing, right-wing fool preachers are OK because they're on our side. And they're white. Left-wing hate-filled, garbage-spewing fool black preachers are scary, you know, black. Plays well to the base, useful idiots to a man, without whom McCain wouldn't stand even the same ghost of a chance he does now.

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