Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guv Goodhair thinks we're jealous of Texass

Political Carnival

Stop me if you've heard this one before. It's a real knee-slapper... Gov. Ricky thinks we're jealous of his state:

From the link:

AUSTIN — Darling of the Tea Party conservatives, a bad whiff of the Old South, or Gov. Who?

All three. Wasn't 'Gov. Who' a Brit TV show?

See, now Ricky's accusing us of being jealous. Of Texas. Economically. Choose any of those last three points and do what you will with them:

To those who might poke fun at Texas or call it backward, he says, they are “most likely jealous of this state’s position ... economically.”

Chagrined or incredulous might be more accurate, some say.

Some very well might. Why, here's Some now! Larry Sabato:

“This was a throwback to the Old South, a South that was out of the mainstream and viewed as something of an embarrassment. You think of people like George Wallace when you think of the claim of states’ rights. I don’t think that’s the image that modern Texas wants,” Sabato said.

Want it or not, that's the image they got. I'm old enough to remember when Texas was a Western State. Not any more it ain't. Sorry, West Texas. Maybe you should have your own state. Fuck the South.

I'm also old enough to remember how glad we were when Alaska became a state because it shut those Texas loudmouths up about being the biggest everything. They can lay claim these days to being the biggest failed state.

Jealous of you? Bite me, Goodhair.

Music aside, the best thing to ever come outta Texas is Interstate 40. I can remember when it was US 40. The Interstate is a big improvement. You can get outta Texas faster.

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