Monday, April 27, 2009

Judge: It's 'high time' to legalize pot

The Raw Story

A judge and Vietnam veteran from Orange County, California is on a publicity crusade to get marijuana legalized.

From NBC San Diego:

Jim Gray is a Vietnam combat veteran who spent 25 years on Orange County's 'bench'. He's riled a lot of anti-drug crusaders with his critiques of America's war on narcotics.

In his view, it's 'high time' -- so to speak -- for another approach to marijuana.

"We would make marijuana less available for our children than it is today," Gray said.
"Why is that? Because alcohol is controlled by the government, and illegal drugs are controlled by drug dealers, and they don't ask for ID. So what's not to like?"

If you're interested in the drug war debate, definitely click through and check out the full interview with Mr. Gray. Here's a recent video of him (uploaded by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) spreading the legalization message on Fox:

Go see.

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