Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lone Star Blues

Every time I get pissed off at some Texas asshole like Governor Goodhair or Karl Rove or Tom DeLay or George Dubya and want the whole goddam shithole to float out to sea and go fuck with Venezuela or someplace, eventually I remember that there are things about Texas I like. I must be getting soft in my old age, but I think we have to keep the place. Sigh. Below are a coupla examples. For every ten, or fifty, or a hundred thousand like the assholes mentioned above, if we're lucky we'll get a couple like these who shine like pearls in a mountain of rotten oysters.

Nanci Griffith (Seguin TX) ~ Simple Life

Recorded at Celtic Connections 2009 Glasgow, Scotland. featuring - Jerry Douglas - dobro Aly Bain -fiddle Todd Parks -bass

Thanks to tomtscotland.

Tish Hinojosa (San Antonio) ~ By The Rio Grande

Thanks to BONAMANTE13 who is even older than I am!

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