Friday, April 24, 2009

Quote of the Day

Maru on the Bush torture regime:


I can't wait to see these ball-gargling smegma breathed fucktwits get what they deserve.
Hang the Nazi wannabe fuckers.


The two old guys (Gord and Grandpa Eddie) got me thinking about hanging and I remembered a song from the old Ren and Stimpy cartoon series (I used to watch it religiously). Couldn't find the one from the show, but this kid does it quite well:

From Ren and Stimpy - The Lord Loves A Hangin'


Oh, Lord loves a hangin'.
That's why He gave us necks.
It tightens up our vocal cords
And loosens up our pecs.

So if you are a horse theif
And guilty to the bone,
Go ahead and blame a friend
And you won't hang alone.

It may be hard to swaller,
But you'll be three feet taller.
It's a dandy way to entertain your friends.

You say you are a villain,
But can't abide by killin';
Go ahead a steal yourself a horse.

Oh, Lord loves a hangin'.
And so do we, by heck;
So get yerself a lasso
And decorate your neck.

Oh, we is awful ignorant
And uglier 'n sin;
So go ahead 'n cut us down
And hang us all again,

Hangin' that is. Swing a spell...

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