Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tonight We Ride!

This is a delightful song about cowboys "going rogue" and yes, I said that on purpose! Did I mention that choices have consequences? Heh.

A great song by Tom Russell!

Indeed it is! How could it be otherwise with lyrics like this?

When I'm too damn old to sit a horse, I'll steal the warden's car
Break my ass out of this prison, leave my teeth there in a jar
You don't need no teeth for kissin' gals or smokin' cheap cigars
I'll sleep with one eye open, 'neath God's celestial stars

Tonight we rock, Tonight we roll
We'll rob the Juarez liquor store for the Reposado Gold
And if we drink ourselves to death, ain't that the cowboy way to go?

Listen and enjoy.

Tom Russell ~ Tonight We Ride

Thanks to Wegg09, Norway.

1 comment:

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