Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Birthday Ball

Caution: DO NOT type "Marine Corps Birthday Ball" in at YouTube unless you've got nothing to do for a while! There are hundreds of 'em! Professionally filmed and filmed on cell phones, serious to silly, a few seconds to 10 minutes, and everything in between and outside the lines. I was trying to find an all-encompassing one to show you, but I gave up. That didn't stop me...

Here's one that's unusual for a coupla reasons:

1) These Gunnies remembered ta take the canes outta their asses, and
2) The only times I remember seein' Gunnies dance, they wuz doin' it on my ass!

Thanks to 702USMC.

Full disclosure here: I've been to a few Birthday Balls over the years, but never while I was on active duty. This is more like what I remember. It's a little unusual for a Master Sergeant to share quarters with the Great Unwashed, but when he does, here's how to show the Top a good time. It always works, probly better these days 'cause the kids have sexier underwear. Watch the Top pull his feet outta danger like the kid's gonna light a fart. Yeah, Top, like you've never been farted on in 20 years in the Corps:

the italian stallion does a sexy dance for the highest ranking guy with us.

Thanks to lilbigd21.

For a more serious look at the tradition of the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, please go here.

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