Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Headline of the Day Plus

Steele’s Economic Plan: Take Away Unemployment Benefits

Some of the nearly 300 'comments':

HomerSexual says:

Republicans: When they aren’t proving that their brains don’t work, they’re showing that the hearts don’t either.

USNclerk says:

someone let Mikey near a microphone again didn’t they?

Bob says:

How do we create jobs?
r: Cut taxes
How do we increase gov’t revenue?
r: Cut taxes
How do we make health care affordable?
r: Cut taxes
How do we cure cancer?
r: Cut taxes
How can the Cowboys win in December?
r: Cut taxes
How can Tiger remain faithful?
r: Cut taxes

All equally viable answers to the questions.

In the "Huh?" dept., incomprehensible but clever:

tombaker says:

swedes are socialist.

therefore, a viking named obama krugman begat the global warming hoax by awarding the nobel prize to algore, and using acorn as a cat’s paw to force the banks to let minority welfare recipients buy million-dollar south beach condos.

and if that’s not perfectly clear to you, you’re obviously a fascist!

I actually scrolled down the rest of the way and speed-read the comments. Took about 5 minutes. They started to degenerate into back-and-forth left v right arguments about the economy, sometimes reasoned, sometimes not, and it got personal to an extent. Kinda like ol' SouthKnoxBubba days, only not as intelligent.

Kinda went off on an odd tangent there.

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