Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Republican Party Has Become the New Confederate States of America

Good rant by The Well Infidel:

Today, 144 years on, a new version of the south has risen again. Now the Confederacy is the Republican Party. Lincoln would not recognize nor want any part of Today's Republicans are the party of the Radical Right of loud and angry, uncivil tea party activists, religious fundamentalists and Know-Nothing morons who want as their leader a certified airhead named Sarah Palin. The GOP or God's Own Party goes rogue against science, reason, separation of church and state, equitable taxation and policies of moderation. For eight years while in power with George Bush and their own Congress, they removed restraints on Wall Street, started two wars and subsidized the pharmaceutical industry via drugs for seniors - and paid for none of it - and now they scream at the Democratic leader for growing deficits.

The problems facing the nation are at least as destructive as those extant in 1861. Slavery is off the table, but other perils to decency, peace, harmony, prosperity and tranquility must be faced, such as::

Long list follows.

...the new Confederates see government as a zero-sum struggle between the righteous (them) and the craven (liberals and other godless socialists lacking values).

[...] Today's rebels, or maybe rogues, are small-minded, mean-spirited bitter little people.

We should not discount the very real possibility that, even united (which we clearly are not), these problems will prove intractable. If that is the case, then America's best days as a nation have passed. Keep your passports current.

For now, it seems the Republican Confederates have declared war on the Republic. Since the new Red State Confederacy is everywhere if clustered in the heartland and south, Unionists must live among Rebels. The Republican Confederates are armed, dangerous and deeply demented, they love god and they do not take kindly to Democrats large or small case.

Be vigilant. And be well.

I don't have a passport, and I'm not letting those assholes run me off. They're right up there with the Nazis in the way they need to be dealt with IMNSHO. I'm concerned about what they might do, but I'm not scared of them. If we give in to the batcrap right, the terrorists win.

The oath I took to defend this country and the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, still stands. I never un-took it.

My rifle is clean, my powder dry, my bayonet sharp, if it comes to that.

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