Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nouveau Food Trucks

I useta think it was cool when the taco truck would magically appear at breakfast or break time and serve freshly cooked sandwiches and tacos. That was the stone age.


A new wave of mobile vendors is altering the way we look at that hallmark of Los Angeles' street cuisine, the taco truck. Broadening the offerings to be had on four wheels, these trucks demonstrate a decidedly more experimental -- and often more expensive -- culinary sensibility. These are the Nouveau Food Trucks.

An extensive list follows. Here are a few of the odder-sounding ones:

2. Asian Soul Kitchen

A fusion of Asian food and American soul food. Twitter: @itsbentobaby

18. Don Chow Tacos

Another fusion taco truck. This one lets eaters go traditional (carne asada, carnitas or chicken) or go fusion (kung pao chicken, Chinese barbecued pork, soy-ginger tofu or shrimp) with tacos, burritos or tortas. ($2 to $6). Twitter: @DonChowTacos

20. Fishlips Sushi Truck

This roving sushi truck serves spicy tuna rolls, California rolls and crunchy rolls plus tamari sushi. ($2.50 to $9) Twitter: @Fishlips_Sushi

21. Flying Pig truck

Specializing in high-end, pork-themed street food with a mix of Asian and French flavors. Owned and run by classically trained chefs Joe Kim and James Seitz, they hope to use the truck as a testing ground for their upcoming restaurant Butalanai. Twitter: @FlyingPigTruck

31. India Jones Chow Truck

This gourmet Indian food truck cruises the streets of West L.A. serving parathas, curries, samosa spring rolls, bhaji, aloo tikki and lamb, fish, chicken, shrimp and paneer frankies devised by chef Sumant Pardal. Twitter: @IndiaJonesCT

34. Komodo

Komodo specializes in uncommon burritos: the Cobb salad burrito, a cheeseburger burrito, a BBQ burrito and, of course, their take on the Asian fusion burrito. Twitter: @komodofood

You just know that one's called 'the Dragon Wagon'. Heh.

35. LA FuXion

Pronounced "LA Fusion," this truck features awkwardly-spelled Asian/Latin eats such as "xogalbi" tacos (Korean-style marinated beef topped with a South American-style green sauce); "xofu" tacos (grilled tofu in ginger and garlic sauce; $2); and "xuna" tacos (tuna sashimi topped with a Japanese-style sauce on tostada; $3). Twitter: @LA_FuXion

Many more. Enjoy.

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