Monday, May 3, 2010

Couple things ...

Before I gotta do all the things I couldn't yesterday (like paying the ransom picking up my dog, for instance).

I knew Rush was a lowlife, slime mold of a person. I'm very cynical about conservatives in general, always expecting lies, hypocrisy, and false equivalency, but this takes the cake:

One of the more idiotic memes floating around of late is that the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is somehow “Obama’s Katrina.” Liberal NY Times columnist Paul Krugman first raised the specter as a joke, after which right-wing loon Rush Limbaugh followed suit…albeit without the sense of irony.


You know, if Lintball would listen to Dr. Krugman when it mattered, we wouldn't be in half the shit we are right now.

And just a question or two:

Shouldn't this show us, after the obvious effects of burning things (especially oil) on the climate, that drilling for oil in our offshore waters is a recipe for environmental disaster?

Shouldn't it also show us, after the banking scandal that nearly brought down the economy, that we should never trust corporations who are accountable to their bottom line to police themselves?

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