Friday, May 7, 2010

Old folks are cool! I knew that...


Hipster culture is having a senior moment

Heh. Gotta get that 'senior moment' crack in there, didn't ya, whippersnapper?

Suddenly, at least in parts of the blogosphere, it's hip to be old — a paradoxical twist for a youth-obsessed nation that injects, pulls and carves away any semblance of age. The "olds" (as sites like dub those old enough to remember rotary phones) are the subject of Facebook fan pages, YouTube shows, Twitter feeds and even fashion blogs.

Why is our youth-obsessed society suddenly so fascinated with the 65-plus set. For one thing, they are almost exotic creatures in our fractured modern lives, glimpsed only on major holidays.

To Mrs. G's family, whom we see mostly on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm known as Crazy Old Uncle Gordon. An honorific due my station in life and one I am very proud of!

Please enjoy the rest of the article.

Us Olde Phartes have something the whippersnappers who propel pop culture don't: a functional attention span. If we can just remember where we put it...

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