Monday, October 25, 2010

1st Pro-Prop 19 Ad To Air

Retired San Jose Police Chief Joseph McNamara is a lawman who has been castigated many times for telling the truth.

Article in the EssEffChron, which is decidedly against passage of 19.

Finally...exhale...there is a TV ad touting the legalization of marijuana. It's the first TV ad either side in the Prop 19 battle has produced, as Comrade Fagan told us. Rolls Tuesday in L.A.

No, funnymen, it doesn't feature Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson (though we'd REALLY like to see that one). The pro-dopers are all about respect. So we get the well-respected former San Jose police chief Joseph McNamara looking into the camera and saying, "Let's be honest. The war on marijuana has failed."

Though we try to avoid talking back to law enforcement officers, a couple of counter-points for Chief Mac:

1. When he says he join other law enforcement officers in suporting the measure, he neglects to use the word "retired" or "former." You can count the number of current law enforcement types who will -- publicly, at least -- endorse this measure on your hand that's not clutching a bong. Understandable. Backing dope isn't good for career advancement, shall we say. The retired guys don't need to worry about that.

Prop 19 was up in early polls, but is trailing in the Public Policy Institute of California survey and the LA Times/USC poll (links in article) in recent days.

I don't care if the law is imperfect. Most laws are. Let's get mota legalized and work on the details later.

Thanks to taxcannabis.

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