Friday, October 29, 2010

A Boot To The Head

From Michael Moore, a man with whom I am proud to share my surname.

[...] For come this Tuesday, the right wing -- and the wealthy who back them -- plan to take their collective boot and bring it down hard on not just the head of Barack Obama but on the heads of everyone they simply don't like.

Teachers union? The boot!

Muslim-looking people? The boot!

Etc., etc.

And most importantly, the last boot is saved for the black man who probably wasn't born here, definitely isn't a Christian and possibly might be the Antichrist sent here to oversee the destruction of our very way of life. A boot to your head, Obama-devil!

Yes, one big boot is poised to stomp out whatever hopey-changey thing we might have had two years ago and secure this country in the hands of the oligarchs and the culture police.

Nobody's asked me yet "How's that hopey-changey thing goin' for ya?", but I've got a coupla answers ready. The first one is "Very well, thank you, Comrade" and the other is "Fine. Go fuck yourself". I will decide which one to use depending on my mood at the moment.

Make no mistake about it, my friends. A perfect storm has gathered of racists, homophobes, corporatists and born agains and they are on fire. Two years of a black man who secretly holds socialist beliefs being the boss of them is more than they can stomach. They've been sick to death since the night of 11/04/08 and they are ready to purge. They won't need a rope and tree this time to effect the change they seek (why bother when a nice shoe on another's skull will do just fine, thank you)

What say you? Stay home and punish the weak-kneed, sell-out Democrats? Or spend every free moment you have between now and Tuesday trying to protect what little progress has been made so we can live to fight another day (even if it is with “allies” like a Democratic Party that will more than likely still not get the message of what they need to do -- and has, in fact, spent much of the past two years giving progressives the boot)? Perhaps our job, post-election, is to provide a gentle but swift boot in the bee-hind of the party whose mascot is an ass.

Please read the rest.

In the face of the escalating physical Rethuggery in our land, far be it from me to suggest that anyone arm themselves illegally, but neither do I think we turn the other cheek or submit quietly to the Repug brownshirts. I suggest a legal pepper spray for the ladies and a roll of coins for the gents to hold in the fist. Tape the ends real good. I used to carry a dandy gadget of my own design consisting of an old Chevy wrist pin with a leather thong wound through it in such a manner as to either slip my hand through it and have a nice thin leather strap over my knuckles or be able to swing it. I think that's illegal these days. Probly was then too.

For those of us who don't mind the "up close and personal" approach to attitude rearrangement, I suggest learning a little of this:

It's a martial art without the art. It's not fancy. It's not pretty. It's not sexy. It's efficient and effective. It's kinda like a fire extiguisher. Good to have around but you hope you never have to use it.

DVD here. Easy to learn and effective.

The Repugs' thuggish and cowardly behavior lately has taken the "peace, love, dope, rainbows and unicorns" shit off the table. That part of the '60s is over. John Lennon's dead.

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