Sunday, October 24, 2010

The part of Sharron Angle I would rather not think about...

El Rude-o on Sharron Angle:

So what's the proper response to "Man up," the emasculating slogan now being used as a near chant by Nevada Republican Sharron Angle in her campaign speeches? Ever since she said it at her lugubrious debate with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Angle has been acting like an old porn star who just got vaginoplasty and wants to show her newly-tucked pussy to everyone. [...]

Heh. She knew something needed to be done when she got her skivvies half-masted almost to her knees and there was still pussy in 'em...

So how to respond to Angle's "Man up" and other attacks? Probably the same way one would respond to that porn star: "Put your cunt away."

Please. I gotta go get a bleach refill. The OTC stuff wasn't doing it any more so I got me a 'scrip for the good stuff.

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