Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frances Fox Piven: Still Tougher Than Glenn Beck

The American Prospect

The legendary anti-poverty activist, who is leading a nationwide teach-in on the corporate-fueled austerity movement with Cornel West today, talks about the current political moment -- and what can be done to reclaim government for the people.

Cornel West is one of my favorites, a liberal's liberal, and one fast-talkin' smart brotha!

Here's a couple of the questions asked of Professor Piven:

The old canard is that the Republicans are the party of the wealthy, while Democrats speak for the poor, working class, and middle class. So why does this situation appear to be as bad under Obama as under the Bush administration?

The Democrats' attitude toward their voters appears to be, "We're the best you've got. What are you going to do, vote Republican?" How do progressives manage to actually push the Democrats left?

You can go read her answers.

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