Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ignore them at your peril ...

Mr. Mass-transit states it plainly (in toto):

The disparity in media coverage between what right wingers get anywhere anytime and what lefties have received over the past decade is so huge that when I reach for reasons I tend to get more paranoid about news organizations than I usually am. It's hard not to see it as a deliberate decision from the top. Ignore the protesting hippies.

Which is why the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs) worry the government and "mainstream" press so much. It's not run through the corporate filter before the masses get to consume it. Ask the former and current, soon-to-be-former, Middle East despots how that goes. Like them, those here with all the power believe ignoring a problem will make it go away.

Word always gets out, now more than ever.


Gotta do some maintenance work over at Dad-in-law's place. Later ...

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