Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Of course ...

I'll vote Dem, but I certainly ain't happy about it. I expected better and no, I'm not in. Let him get his money from the corporations he's already sold out to. I've given enough to politicians before the fact. Ain't none of them getting a dime from me anymore until they prove they're worth it. Barry sure as hell hasn't.


Carl puts it well:


Trillions for banks. Nothing for Americans except a tax cut that no one even noticed and a healthcare reform bill that, if it survives, won't even kick in for another three years. Ahead of it, HMOs are gouging rates and doctors are overbilling all in the name of the rainy days to come.

When do we get to fight this class war back? When do we get to untie our hands and instead of being beaten, slapped and punched, maul those who harm us daily, with no regrets, without honor or loyalty to the nation that bestowed upon them the very gifts that our soldiers, We The People, have fought so hard for over the centuries?

When do you champion us? I'll give to your campaign. I may even contribute the same significant amounts I did in 2008. But it won't be with joy in my heart and hope for the kind of change we can believe in.


Indeed. Mr. Obama only gets my vote because the alternative, or not voting, is so much worse.

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